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Home Health Education Service Sdn. Bhd. has been operating for more than 100 years in many countries throughout the world. It has several Publishing Houses and printing over 300 languages. We at Home Health Education Service Sdn. Bhd. are proud of the quality of our non- fiction educational literatures which has been appreciated in countless homes and institutions, schools and businesses, by people of all ages and religions, right across Southeast Asia.

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Our top quality books cover a wide range of interest and topics including values education, food, general health, natural healing, parenting and relationships, stress management, children literatures and inspirational books. We strongly believed that our products will change your life forever!

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We believe in the power of reading, the importance of literacy, and the fact that books should be as inclusive and diverse as readers are. Being Bookish is part of our identity, and it's one we're proud to have and share with you.

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